The Touraine Travel Honeymoon Registry for

John Henry &Natasha West


The Wedding    06/11/05

Whiteface Club @ 4pm

Location      ____________________________

The Reception

Whiteface Club

Location  _______________________________

The Honeymoon- Tahiti

Here’s what John  and Natasha have to say about their honeymoon-

We’re going to Tahiti- our dream of paradise. Thanks for helping make our trip something truly special.”


How The Honeymoon Registry Works-


1)        Review the list and select the item you would like to purchase for the couple.


2)        Fill out this form. If paying by check- make your check payable to Touraine Travel and mail to 41 Winter Street, Boston, Ma 02108 attention Annie. If paying by credit card, fax this form to Annie at Touraine Travel at 617-426-0617 or email your information to




Gift Item


Your selection

Amount to charge


Shares toward total



Flight to Tahiti




Flight to Bora-bora




Hotel nights in Tahiti/Towards




Hotel nights in Bora-Bora/Towards




The Fun Stuff




Tour Tahiti

$50.00 per person



Afternoon snorkel sail

$60.00 per person



Picnic lunch w/champagne

$85.00 per person



Tahitian feast @ Tiki Village

$95.00 per person



Canoe breakfast

$50per person



Dinner @ Bloody Mary’s

$90.00 per person



Circle Island Tour

$50.00 per person



Gift certificate

In any price





Your name


Full Address


Day time phone


Credit card with expiration






Should you have any questions, please call Ginny at 617-426-4418. Out of Massachusetts, call 800-967-5583.