You might think exotic destinations such as places in Southeast Asia, Japan, China because of the uniqueness of their cultures. Maybe, it is the serene beauty of its natures that really attract you. Whatever the reasons you have behind your definition of Exotic destinations, you know that there is nothing like traveling to unique and exciting destinations that are exotics.

From one of the most beautiful cities in the world like Sydney to the charming town known as “The Alice”, no matter what you enjoy you will find it in Australia. Become acquainted with Aboriginal culture, learn about survival in the Australian bush, and sample the authentic outback cuisine. Dive among 1500 species of fish, 350 different corals and more-- of the Great Barrier Reef. At Touraine, we’re Aussie Specialists, certified as experts by the Australian Tourist Board. A visit to the Land Down Under is a large investment in time and money. Let us help you get the most out of your trip.

New Zealand
NZ is an outdoor wonderland. In addition to the glaciers and fjords, it has beaches and jungles. You can ski, surf, fish, or scale a mountain peak. The Kiwis, as New Zealanders are called, are an adventurous folk. Extreme sports are a way of life here. Perhaps you’d like to try helibungee (bungeeing out of a helicopter) or how about horizontal bungee or a Wall Splattering, where you put on a Velcro suit and throw yourself off a trampoline onto a felt covered wall and attempt to stick. But, if you’re not interested in all of that, how about a scenic flight over the glaciers of Milford Sound or a visit to Rotorua, home to the Maoris, who settled New Zealand. You wouldn’t know all of this until you come and fully experience it yourself.

At Touraine, we know Europe, our well planned itineraries are custom tailored to you and encourage you to experience Europe to the fullest. Things you can do, like see Paris from top of the Eiffel Tower, cruise a Venetian canal in a gondola, take in a flamenco show in Granada, ascend a Swiss mountain top in a cable car, or maybe, laze on the beach in jet set Monaco, we are confident that we can help you discover your own unique European experience. We can also help you to experience the authentic European culture like in Dubrovnik, Croatia or Russia

From East, to West Asia and also Southeast Asia, we know how to help you create an itinerary that will allow you to experience the truly exotic beauty of Asia. Examples of places and activities to do in Asia, could either be a visit to The Great Wall of China, a river cruise on Yangtse River in China, see 2200 pagodas of Burma, or see extraordinary thing such as a fakir practices on a bed of nails in India. Perhaps, you want to have a combination of a splendid beauty of a paradise and a beach, like in Bali, Indonesia and Phuket in Thailand, we know how to make it happen.

Ever dreaming of being among the wilds and unknown desert? The safari in Africa and the luxury lodges and tents will have you pampered to be among the wilds. Be in  Safari journey at Kruger National Park, stay for 4 nights in a luxury tent or lodge, or camel back riding across the Saharan desert, are some of the activities that we can offer you to experience.

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