About Us
My name is Annie dellaPenna, President & owner of Touraine Travel. I was born and grew up in Scotland and had the oportunity during my college years to spend summers in Europe, near & far East and India. When I eventually graduated from College I had to find a job...enter the real world. 

What did I really love to do?  Yes, you guessed it, travel. .My last trip before entering the business world was to the US (visiting an old college roommate)Found the climate much more to my liking than that in the UK and here I am some 30years later.  

We, at Touraine are a team and our utmost concern is our clients needs. Service and knowledge is our specialty and we will go to great lengths to accommodate our clients dream as well as their budget.  I am fortunate to have wonderful collegues who have lived, like myself, in differnt areas of the globe and have traveled extensively.  

We have many, many happy clients who are and become part of our family.  Please call on us, we are at your disposal.  We look forward to greeting you with a friendly smile, positive attitude and send you on your trip of a lifetime.

You are very important to us.  

Warm regards,

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